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How To Identify Spam Emails And Ignore The Scam
[2009-07-24] I just got email from my system administrator saying that my Webmail account is out of space. This is really confusing, though, because I don't access my email via the Web. Is this legit or some sort of scam or phishing attempt?

Avoiding Twitter Spammers For Good
[2009-07-10] Almost any online service can be overrun by spam and Twitter is proving to be a lucrative field for such activities.  Twitter Search that identifies Trending Topics is a major target here and very recent actions force the question: Should Twitter moderate Trending Tropics to prevent spamming? 

Reducing Spam From The Spam Experts
[2009-06-19] Well, given all the hub-bub over Matt and the magic NF tag, I shall simply direct you to a post here on ‘sculpting' the day before the whole thang hit the fan. One should always relied on more statistical approaches to site architecture…nuff said.

McAfee Released New Most Dangerous Keyword List
[2009-05-28] Every year McAfee releases a list of the most dangerous keyword queries you can try on the search engines. Meaning searching for something and then clicking on the result only to have malware installed onto your computer with or without you even knowing. Here is their report:

Spammers Find New Venues Through Twitter
[2009-05-15] Thanks to @oprah (Oprah) and @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher), Twitter is now the 49th most popular site according to Alexa. In the past 3 months, Twitter's traffic is up a whopping 334.6 percent.

Google To Combat Spam With A New Algorithm
[2009-04-29] Google is set to make changes to their ranking algorithm after a recent outbreak of SPAM links started dominating search results. The update will remove a number malware links from the Google Index which is great news for legitimate site owners.

How To Detect Web Content Spam
[2009-04-10] For starters, what is web spam and what's its function? In the patents we're looking at today, they describe spam as websites constructed with random or targeted content and links in order to, "to trick the analysis algorithms used by search engines" into ranking the pages higher than they should (bit of an oxy moron play there). The end game of course being to monetize said traffic with varying forms of advertising… yada yada… we know the deal - And the fly in the ointment?

Checking Outbound Links For Content Spam
[2009-03-27] I still love the linkfromdomain command on Like MSN / Live (perhaps Kumo?!) search platform, it's often forgotten about. But actually it still has much value for SEO. Here are 3 quick reasons why.

Using CAPTCHA Images to Help Prevent Spam
[2009-03-13] My system administrator is telling me that I need to add a "capcha" [actually, it's "captcha"] system to my site so that I get less spam. What's a captcha system and why would I want it?

Why Does Spam Effect Some People More?
[2009-02-20] I'm a German national who lives in the Philippines for more than 17 years. I use Gmail for a long time already and I really like it. No problems so far. Just a couple of days back, though, my brother in Germany who also has a Gmail account told me that he receives more than 100 spams a day whereas I get at the most 2 or 3 a month. Can you please give me some advice on that?

Can Spammers Take Advantage Of Redirects
[2009-02-06] Google is warning that spammers can take advantage of your site without even making use of your server! They do so by abusing open redirect URLs. In this case the spammers or the hackers take advantage of your website rather than exploiting any security flaw or some other means of spamming.

AVG Gets Acknowledged For Excellence
[2009-01-22] AVG Technologies, a global anti-virus and Internet security software provider with over 80 million users in 167 countries, today announced that its Internet Security Network Edition (NE) solution has received the "Recommended" designation in the most recent Anti-malware Group Test performed by security publication SC Magazine.

Is Google Code Hosting The New Face of Spam?
[2009-01-06] Spammers have found a way to try abuse the Google Code Hosting project. Originally, Code Hosting was and is meant as a platform to store and manage your open source projects. Including an issues tracker, a download section, and source access.

Manage Email Spam Better With OtherInbox
[2008-12-10] For the past few months, I've been using an email service in private beta called OtherInbox as a way to manage email from companies whose services I sign up for.

Spam Reports Very Poor Conversion Rates
[2008-11-20] We always knew that someone had to be clicking on enlargement emails and not only that, someone had to actually be buying that crap. It's kind like late at night when you're watching horrible infomercials that you think to yourself who the hell is buying this crap, well enough people to make it economically viable to make those repugnant commercials.

Anti-Spam Wear for The Internet Jungle
[2008-10-20] We often forget how hazardous the Internet can be. It really is a jungle out there and some of the denizens have sharp claws. It opens up the whole question of what kind of Internet we would all like.

How to Control Comment Spam
[2008-10-03] Jason Morrison from Search Quality Team at Google posted at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog about how to control comment spam:

Keep Your Account Secure
[2008-09-19] At some point, most people have had some sort of encounter with internet scams, viruses, spyware or other security problems. Hackers and scam artists are a pervasive reality in today's world and making assumptions about security is unwise. A pay per click account makes an attractive target to a technically savvy criminal and gaining access to someone's account allows them to promote their schemes at someone else's expense.

Twitter Fighting Spam with "Following" Limits
[2008-08-22] Just a few days ago, Twitter warned that its new efforts to combat spam would become more noticable over the coming days.

Anti-Spam Measures To Block Out Stupidity
[2008-08-08] A new web site that promises to use the same kind of technology used in Anti-Spam measures to block out rampant stupidity from reaching your eyeballs.

How to Deal With Spam in Your Company
[2008-07-18] Just as King Arthur had to battle the invading Saxons in the mythical realm of Camelot, every IT administrator working in Cyberworld has to battle the invading armies of spammers that are constantly laying siege to users' mailboxes.

How Anti-spam Filters Can Cause Loss of Business
[2008-06-27] Every email user across the globe can relate to it. That tiresome feeling of sifting through what often seems like endless amounts of emails at the beginning of each day, in a constant and ongoing fight against spam.

Typepad's New Antispam Plugin
[2008-06-06] I have switched Spam Karma off temporarily, to test Typepad's new Antispam plugin.

Take Control of Trackback Spam
[2008-05-16] Blogging is fun and rewarding. There are so many good things about it, but comment and trackback spam can tarnish the process. I know that going in and removing 15 different 'prescription' comments is not a good use of a bloggers time as they could use it towards creating new posts. But how does one control it?

Why Does Anti-Spam Work?
[2008-04-25] In networked media you have to try hard. But if you create good ideas and content over a sustained period, interested parties will find you.

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